TFC presents a recap of David Laibson’s presentation titled “The Aging Investor: Challenge and Opportunity.”

David Laibson, a Ph.D. of Harvard University and noted economist, was our guest presenter at our client event in June.

Brief Selections from Dr. Laibson’s presentation:

Our Natural Resistance to Preparing for Possible Cognitive Decline

How to Prepare for Possible Cognitive Decline and Protection of Assets

How to Prepare Younger Family Members When an Elder Declines

Early Indictors of Cognitive Problems

See video below for more in-depth highlights of Dr. Laibson's presentation

A few photos from our event:

June 18, 2015 // Family decisions with aging investors: “The importance of knowledge and forethought.”

TFC Financial // Financial Planning Emergency Checklist

July 2010 // What is the Age of Reason? by Sumit Agarwal, John C. Driscoll, Xavier Gabaix & David Laibson